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Thursday, June 5, 2008

English Style Garden Trugs

Way back in the 1820's, just before Queen Victoria ascended to the English Throne, a Man of Sussex, one Thomas Smith of Herstmonceux, made a decision about his life that was to have a profound effect on Sussex and the world. He invented the Sussex Trug! Taking an ancient idea dating back to Anglo Saxon times, Thomas redesigned the historic "trog" and in so doing he created a part of the English gardening scene that is now world famous!
We stumbled upon these little beauties which are handmade,one at a time, by a family business in the Pacific Northwest.

Rare Myrtlewood and copper are used to make the trugs.

True heirloom quality.

Trugs give an old-fashioned feel to your garden of bygone, less-hectic days.

Their practicality and strength remain timeless , and when not on gardening duty, a trug can be used inside the house as a centrepiece on the hall or dining table filled with fruit or flowers, in the kitchen to store eggs, in the bathroom for small rolled towels .

Trugs are renowned for their strength, durability and usefulness.

These baskets have been featured in numerous articles and magazines such as:

In Style


Country Living

Bon Appetit

American HomeStyle & Gardening

Metropolitan Home

Also seen in Williams Sonoma

Next question...where can these be purchased?

Check them out at: The Floppy Cow

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