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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Nazari Hand Painted Portuguese Pottery

During the 17th century, the production of white decorated faience was developed in Portugal, inspired by the Ming porcelain which was popular in Europe at that time.
Nazari definitely keeps this tradition alive by producing either faithful reproductions of 17th century decorations or their own original decorations.
These pieces are wonderful additions to Provence, Old World, and Primitive themed decor.
Check them out at:

Comptoir De Famille

Le Comptoir De Famille

Comptoir de Famille presents an expanded collection of vintage home decor accessories and furniture inspired by the French Countryside.

The company was founded 25 years ago in France.
It distributes its products wholesale to multibrand
clients, and sells directly to consumers through
Comptoir de Famille retail stores.

The brand,
which is built around the memory of French
family life, carries on traditions that have been
handed down from one generation to the next.

"I wanted to evoke a feeling of nostalgia, like the one I get walking into my grandmother's house," says the twenty-nine-year-old Ludovic Grandchamp, who owns Comptoir de Famille. Grandchamp has built his empire of thirty-two stores by scouring France with his design team and finding the most pleasing objects at antiques shops and flea markets.

Not everyone has been fortunate enough to grow up in Paris,France or Lyton but with Le Comptoir De Famille merchandise,intergrating french country style into your home is esay and affordable.

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