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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday Junking Trip & Vintage Industrial Factory Cart Coffee Table

What a wonderful day spent with my hubby junking!
We left bright and early this morning with a list of  thrift stores in hand.
We hit 3 Goodwill stores,one estate sale and an unbelievable antique/home decor warehouse named the Screen Door. This place is unbelievable,lots of eye candy and treasures to drool over!It is a huge old warehouse with individual booths set up.My husband and I spent an hour and a half there and would have stayed longer were it not for our growling tummies.I really should have taken pictures for everyone to see,I will do that on my next visit.The prices at the Screen Door range from $-$$$. There are bargains to be found, you just gotta look.
Goodwill store #2,We scored big time.I have been wanting an old typewriter for the desk in our living room.I walked right past the beauty in the picture above. Thank goodness my hubby spotted the Underwood JFK style typewriter! My heart stopped and I almost squealed with delight when he called me over to view it.I couldn't get it in the buggy quick enough.We picked it up for $10.75.The linen lamp shade was a steal at Goodwill #3 for only $3.50.Gina at The Shabby Cottage Chic has inspired me to make my own Pottery Barn style french script lampshade. You should see the french script shower curtain that she made for me,it is so pretty!I picked up the glass beaker and the shoe form at the Screen Door for $11.00. I will be displaying the beaker in my apothecary bath and the shoe form in my bedroom.

It's not over yet!
I have dreamed about and drooled over the vintage furniture cart coffee tables but would never pay $910.00. Pottery Barn has a replica marked down to $599.00...still too pricey for me ,especially for a reproduction.Now for the perfect ending to a perfect day. My husband and I came across an amazing opportunity to purchase several of the same exact furniture carts that are available through Restoration Hardware! We are picking them up on Monday.I won't sleep a wink for the next two nights for being so excited! We will be offering them both refinished and untouched.

Restoration Hardware 

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Vintage Button Pin Board Tacks

I have fallen in love with the Pottery Barn Rustic Wall Organizer but I am certainly not in love with the price tag!
Being inspired by this beautiful piece,I have decided to make my own. I didn't want to use just ordinary pushpins or tacks on the board,so I made vintage button tacks.I have had these gorgeous antique buttons for quite some time and I am excited that I am finally using them for something.They are going to look so nice against the burlap!
This is very easy to do. I had the tacks with the vinyl covers on them,you can get the uncovered ones.I just peeled the vinyl cover off the tack head and used the hot glue gun to secure the buttons to the tack.A couple of the twinkle mirror buttons had to flattened so they would sit flush on the tack head.I did this gently, with a small craft hammer.
I plan on working on the message board this weekend,I am waiting on my Paris postal rubber stamp to arrive. I will be sure to give updates.


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The Shabby Chic Cottage

Friday, February 12, 2010

Vintage Inspired Nesting Herb Trug Planters

The nesting herb trug planters just arrived and you are gonna love them!
These are so versatile and lovely.
I have taken a few pictures to show you what I have in mind.
This set includes heavy duty liners so you can use them as actual planters.
Come check them out at:

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Copy Cat Pottery Barn Chalkboard Platter

 I personally think that it is impossible to have too many chalkboard accent pieces. They are so fun and versatile!
Needless to say,the Pottery Barn chalkboard platter set caught my attention the minute I spotted them in the February catalog.
What?Are you serious? 99.00 for a set of two?
No thanks, I will make my own.
This project took maybe 45 minutes total.All you need is an oval platter,a couple of sponge brushes, a mini sized paint roller and a quart of chalkboard paint.
Now you can have yourself a chalkboard platter for only a few dollars and a few minutes of your time.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Provence Nazari Hand Painted Platter

Congratulations to lakelanddawg on winning the gorgeous Nazari platter.
In view of the interest generated by our last  99¢ auction, we have done it again.
Be sure to visit my Ebay store to get your bid in.We only have 3 platters remaining in stock,so don't miss out!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Nazari Hand Painted Provence Serving Platter

For those of you who have shown interest in the Nazari hand painted platters,this one is currently listed in my store and I started the bidding out at only 99¢!
These platters are made by the Nazari ceramists/artists.Nazari is the company that supplies Williams Sonoma with their Provence pieces.
Be sure to check it out and get your bid in now!

TJ Maxx Home Goods Finds

I absolutely love TJ Maxx/Home Goods.
Going there is like going on a treasure hunt for me! I guess it is a good thing that I do not live closer to the one in our area, I would most likely be there on a daily basis.Oh, did I mention that there is also a Ross in the same shopping plaza?
I found this neat,vintage style basket on my recent visit.It was only 4.99!
Not sure exactly where or what I will be using this little guy for, but I am thinking with Easter approaching, it will have something to do with eggs.
I will post later on and let you know what I come up with.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The magic of color

My husband and I finally took  advantage of some of the time that we had on ours hands, due to our recent winter weather.
I have been wanting to change the paint color in our "red" bath for quite sometime now,but didn't have the heart to tell my husband,for two reasons. Reason number one:he believes that all walls should be painted once and only once, and reason number two:he usually ends up doing most of the painting as I am a messy painter.As with a lot of our home projects,I am the dreamer and he makes it all come to life!
I absolutely love the color we chose and can see myself living with this color for quite sometime. The room just seems so much bigger and "cleaner".The black and white Apothecary accessories just seem to pop against this color. It is amazing how a color choice can make or break a room.

What do you think?
The before color
The after/new color

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Monday, February 1, 2010

Nesting Herb Crates

These nesting herb crates are one of the more fun and versatile decor items that I have come across in quite some time.No wonder these cute little crates have been such a popular,much sought after item!
The minute that I saw them,I had to have them .It was love at first sight.
Use them in the kitchen,laundry room, or dinning area.These herb crates will be that perfect finishing touch to your decor. 
I am currently taking orders for the nesting herb crates.Orders will begin shipping after February 16th 2010.

I will also be offering the nesting herb trug baskets.These are really cute and if you  have fallen in love with the crate set, you are gonna love this set as well...guaranteed.
The Floppy Cow