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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday Junking Trip & Vintage Industrial Factory Cart Coffee Table

What a wonderful day spent with my hubby junking!
We left bright and early this morning with a list of  thrift stores in hand.
We hit 3 Goodwill stores,one estate sale and an unbelievable antique/home decor warehouse named the Screen Door. This place is unbelievable,lots of eye candy and treasures to drool over!It is a huge old warehouse with individual booths set up.My husband and I spent an hour and a half there and would have stayed longer were it not for our growling tummies.I really should have taken pictures for everyone to see,I will do that on my next visit.The prices at the Screen Door range from $-$$$. There are bargains to be found, you just gotta look.
Goodwill store #2,We scored big time.I have been wanting an old typewriter for the desk in our living room.I walked right past the beauty in the picture above. Thank goodness my hubby spotted the Underwood JFK style typewriter! My heart stopped and I almost squealed with delight when he called me over to view it.I couldn't get it in the buggy quick enough.We picked it up for $10.75.The linen lamp shade was a steal at Goodwill #3 for only $3.50.Gina at The Shabby Cottage Chic has inspired me to make my own Pottery Barn style french script lampshade. You should see the french script shower curtain that she made for me,it is so pretty!I picked up the glass beaker and the shoe form at the Screen Door for $11.00. I will be displaying the beaker in my apothecary bath and the shoe form in my bedroom.

It's not over yet!
I have dreamed about and drooled over the vintage furniture cart coffee tables but would never pay $910.00. Pottery Barn has a replica marked down to $599.00...still too pricey for me ,especially for a reproduction.Now for the perfect ending to a perfect day. My husband and I came across an amazing opportunity to purchase several of the same exact furniture carts that are available through Restoration Hardware! We are picking them up on Monday.I won't sleep a wink for the next two nights for being so excited! We will be offering them both refinished and untouched.

Restoration Hardware 


ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage and Junkologie said...

Great score! We have one in the garage that I use for actually moving things around. I've thought about it as a coffee table but haven't tried it.

The Floppy Cow said...

Oh, maybe you should try it as a table!The carts have the same heavy hardware as your barn door.The solid white oak wood cleans up so nice and has a beautiful patina.