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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The magic of color

My husband and I finally took  advantage of some of the time that we had on ours hands, due to our recent winter weather.
I have been wanting to change the paint color in our "red" bath for quite sometime now,but didn't have the heart to tell my husband,for two reasons. Reason number one:he believes that all walls should be painted once and only once, and reason number two:he usually ends up doing most of the painting as I am a messy painter.As with a lot of our home projects,I am the dreamer and he makes it all come to life!
I absolutely love the color we chose and can see myself living with this color for quite sometime. The room just seems so much bigger and "cleaner".The black and white Apothecary accessories just seem to pop against this color. It is amazing how a color choice can make or break a room.

What do you think?
The before color
The after/new color

So what have you transformed? I want to see!Please be sure to link back to The Floppy Cow


Shannon said...

Love the new color! It looks great.

Kathy@theshebearofeleven said...

I like it! Love the beadboard, too.