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Friday, January 22, 2010

Pottery Barn Spring Bird Nest Copy Cat

Nothing says Spring quite like a bird nest with eggs,especially Robin eggs.In fact, I saw a Robin in my backyard just this afternoon. I seems really early for him to make his appearance here in North Carolina.Maybe he just stopped by to rest his wings while on his way to Florida.

On to decorating matters. 
I simply love the beautiful spring/ bird table theme that is in the latest edition of the Pottery Barn catalog.
The bird nest chargers,bird eggs, bird cages and the beautiful bird salad plates.

Oh look! There is that same bottle of "chicken" wine I have in my kitchen and in my china hutch. The more I gazed at the table setting,the more I realized , I have many copy cat items of what appears in this catalog.

So, after gathering a few of the items,here is what I wound up with.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pottery Barn Black and White Apothecary Bath Accessories Set

When details matter, this set is sure to pleases.

This BATH sign is the perfect finishing touch to the Apothecary bath accessories sold by Pottery Barn
White enamel trimmed in black.
Hidden clip for easy hanging.
5'"x 3"

Hang it upon the bathroom door, on the wall or in an easel upon the counter top.

Apothecary bath accessories are also available.

Come check them out !

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pottery Barn Copy Cats

This seems to be happening a lot lately!
Either Pottery Barn is copying me or great minds do indeed think a like.
I always look forward to the arrival of the latest  edition of the Pottery Barn catalog. I have had to chuckle to myself and have even joked with my family that maybe Pottery Barn might add me to their staff...you see, on more than one occasion I have opened the catalog to find that they have used the same "props", decor ideas and even the same exact items that I either already have in my home or am carrying in my store!

I love most french country decor items, especially roosters. On a recent trip to our local Earth Fare market, I noticed these bottles of french wine with roosters on the label. Thinking that these would look great both in my dinning room hutch and counter top,I grabbed a couple. Two months later, the latest edition of the Pottery Barn catalog arrives and guess what? Yep,on page 16 of the of the January 2010 Pottery Barn catalog, I spy the same exact bottle of wine. Ha! Here we go again.

My husband had surprised me and picked an awesome vintage drafting table at our local Habitat for Humanity.We decided to use it as a island/counter top area in our kitchen and refer to it as our Pottery Barn copycat.I kid you not, 2 weeks later the Pottery Barn catalog arrived in the mail and guess what? Yep,they had a gorgeous vintage drafting table available for purchase. The table offered by Pottery Barn was almost identical to the one my husband had just purchased with one exception.. a much higher price...like eight  hundred dollars more!

Pottery Barn described theirs as :
With its top set at an angle, this remarkably versatile table makes a great workspace. Level the top to create a loft-style bar — or lower it to make a small dining table.

It was almost as if someone was reading my mind! 

In the Spring of '08 edition of the Pottery Barn catalog, the gorgeous French Apothecary bath accessories were introduced. Guess what? Yep, I had already been offering same exact line in my Ebay store for almost two years ,not to mention it was beautifully displayed in not one but two of our bathrooms!
 They aren't copycats either!

Check them out at:



Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Williams Sonoma Nazari Provence Platter

If the occasion calls for an eloquent table setting, this line is sure get the done.
I fell in love with this line after seeing it in the Williams Sonoma catalog but could not bring myself to invest that much moolah  in the serving pieces, not to that mention my hubby just might hang me.I could just envision one of the pieces getting chipped. I now have several pieces of the elegant earthenware. I have purchased my set at a  fraction of the cost that it would have cost me through WS and if I desire to,I can even use it for everyday use without worries.

As mentioned before, my passion for decorating and getting the most out of my dollar led to open my Ebay store The Floppy Cow. Many of my items are the exact items feautered in Williams Sonoma,Pottery Barn,Ballard Design and many more. 

We are excited to announce that we have now expanded our Provence line by Nazari.
We now offer 9" plates,mugs,candlesticks,platters, rectangle serving platter, tooth pick holders,oil & vinegar sets,salt & pepper and many more items.

The pattern features animals, birds and castles. This particular pattern,know as Xangai, has been a long time customer favorite at Williams Sonoma.

Each piece is hand painted using details of the Portuguese XVIII century scenes.
Beautiful, one of a kind pieces,signed by the artist.
Heirloom quality that can be handed down from generation to generation.

Here is your chance to own an extensive,eloquent set.
Come check them out at:

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Copy Cat Pottery Barn Oversized Scissors Wall Art

Classic tools become unexpected wall art when enlarged to dramatic proportions.

hese over sized scissors are a great conversation piece and the perfect addition to any decor whether it be Modern,Country, Primitive etc.

These are very similar to the ones that were sold through Pottery Barn,which are no longer available.The scissors sold by Pottery Barn were all wood.This particular set is both wood and metal. Wooden handles,metal blades.

Display them in your:
Sewing Room
Living Room
Very unique

8" x 26"

Wood and Metal.
The Floppy Cow